No matter how much you invest in cybersecurity products or cybersecurity consulting, your organization is likely to be attacked. This threat can take a small form, like a virus that can be easily eliminated, or a form too large to calculate, like a spear phishing attack that compromises the personal information of millions of customers. There is no cybersecurity product that can repel all kinds of cyber-attack at any given time. Therefore, when deciding which cybersecurity products you want to add to your cyber defense portfolio, it is essential to choose cybersecurity tools that can make your organization more flexible in responding to these threats. Cyber ​​resilience means not only taking steps to stop threats, but also creating plans to minimize the potential impact of successful cyber attacks. A cyber resilience strategy is about ensuring that your business processes can continue uninterrupted and your data is protected from loss regardless of cyber incidents.

Together with our partners, we develop and provide effective products that your organization needs within the framework of a precise cyber resilience plan. We will evaluate turnkey solutions and products that meet the requirements of your organization and provide you with support throughout the necessary after-purchase phases of installation, integration, use, training, and technical support, bringing your organization to the cyber resilience and flexibility levels you need and desire.

Our Products



Passwordless security solution. By providing a comprehensive and frictionless solution fully-secured with dynamic passcodes and multi-factor authentication, SAASPASS is the only identity and access management tool you need to secure your corporate network or your own personal data.

Change Tracker (PCI DSS Compliance, NIST / CIS Security Compliance)

Security and compliance management solution. It continuously monitors all files and changes on all platforms (network devices, firewalls, hosts, etc.). Provides situational awareness through validating modified files by comparing them with known malicious files.

Access Management Solution

This platform allows monitoring of all events and sessions. It acts as a gateway capable of providing multi-factor authentication for added security. It is an ideal system for securing the access and administrative procedures of third parties integrated in your IT systems. It can restrict commands that can be executed even if accessed with privileged credentials.