360 DegreeS
We offer all-inclusive consulting services on the fields that are building blocks of cybersecurity: Strategic Planning, Risk Analysis and Management, Testing and Analyses. We are by your side during both planning and implementation of the transformative processes required to reach your desired Cybersecurity Maturity level. In any emergencies that may arise, we assist your Crisis Management decisions and operations with our technical team to bring your business processes back to standard operational levels.
Information is the most valuable currency in today’s world, and it is natural for any organization with process-critical data to want to secure this data in an impenetrable cybersecurity fortress. Therefore, cybersecurity processes and cybersecurity products are both of great importance for every business. We offer you all the cybersecurity turnkey solutions that your organization may need, with our carefully selected product portfolio from domestic and foreign providers, curated by our experts following the latest developments and technologies.
With our internationally renowned and experienced instructors, we quickly boost your organization to the desired cybersecurity level. We offer regular and collective courses to increase security awareness and competency, suitable for different employee profiles. In addition, we prepare tailor-made training programs to meet your needs that will inevitably vary from sector to sector and company to company.
Protecting your organization against today’s vast and ever-changing list of digital threats requires awareness and constant research. Our team of experts specialize on hardware and software disciplines with vast experience in blockchain applications and communication security. Our research covers not only the software itself, but also the infrastructure that supports it and the behavior of users who rely on it.